Packaging Info vftqdvfexssaufzvxu Package Weight 8. There are dedicated buttons for turning devices on and off, scrolling from device to device, and for switching between Clip View and Track View. The eight Global knobs can access four banks of controls; the eight Track knobs control nine different track parameters each. The first set controls Global parameters so you’ll always have instant access to your main sends, pans, and other essentials. This was reported to be excellent and it has exceeded my expectations.

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Virtually any momentary, non-latching switch a. With the bank buttons, you can move around a track by scene grid.

Whether you are an electronic music artist and Live is your canvas, a DJ using Live to mix or remix tracks, or a more traditional musician using Live on stage or in the studio, albeton will find the APC40 to be the intuitive, powerful instrument that directly links your inspiration with Ableton Live.

You can now change the tempo during your Live set. Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: If you buy it in the U.

First-time setup is literally three steps: Packaging Info vftqdvfexssaufzvxu Package Weight 8. Powerful Production Suite APC40 mkII comes packed with a music production suite that includes a version of Ableton Live, two high-definition virtual synthesizers, and 5GB of professional samples and loops for immediate out-of-the-box music creation.

The APC40 and its included software are ablston complete system. When computer comes out of sleep tested on PC onlyand you had Ableton open, there is no way to synchronize APC40, so you have to restart Ableton software. Ableron to use out of the box, comes with basic software. It’s an extremely simple yet wildly creative approach to manipulating sound, but until ableeton there has been no true hardware solution that could free the user from staring deeply into their computer monitor with a mouse in their hand.


AKAI Professional – APC40

The APC40 is built with a rugged, metal chassis and slip-proof rubber detailing. The device was so simple and fast to set up, I thought something was wrong note I already have Live installed.

By the end of my first session, it felt like I’d been using it for years. Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own an Akai Pro product, or if you just ac40 pre-sales questions, the Aboeton Pro technical support team is available to help! Send audio to the Cue channel by arming the Headphone button in the Audio Track. For example, if you don’t have an audio or MIDI clip loaded into a cell in the software, the respective button on the APC40 will not be illuminated.

If you put a clip into a cell in the software, the respective button ableon illuminate orange.

You can create as large of a Live Set as you please, and use the navigation buttons on the APC40 scroll around to access any of your clips. Each will show a different colored ring around the clips.


This collection comes packed with an endless variety of channel strips, DJ and live sound effects, glitch racks, amp racks, modulators, filters, beat processors, and noise boxes. APC40 mkII is also powered over USB and supports plug-and-play abpeton, allowing you to take qbleton controller from the studio to the stage or wherever you go. The clip matrix gives you an instant view of all clip statuses: All audio output will be mono.

AKAI Professional – Akai APC40 – Setting Up an Ableton Live DJ Template

Users can purchase an additional piece of software called Max For Live, which runs seamlessly within Live 8. Rated 4 out of 5 by 0nly from Finally I have the control I desire!

You can also color code ableon clips with the RGB lighting for advanced visual organization, and use the Shift button and directional arrows to manipulate the scope of the 5×8 grid. Channel faders, bus faders, and a crossfader give you smooth control of key values.

Akai APC40

So, I have been playing with my APC40 for a few weeks now. Up to six APC40’s can be used with Live simultaneously. The button will be gray when Cue is selected. The scene buttons move you to extra banks of scenes. Saving your Template Go to File.