Upgradeability Made Easy for Users: They also distribute the barebones to various non-importing OEMs. Thanks to the company Schenker, which kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook. Excluding Canada, we do accept credit cards from Canada. At first once again the technical data of the mySN DC Clevo DC which are relevant for the performance-limit of notebooks towards the top at present:.

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Last edited by a moderator: A RAID0 array with 2 hard drives is good, nearly doubling the performance compared to a single hard drive; a RAID0 array with 3 hard drives is better, nearly tripling performance! Quality Hard as a Rock: RavenDec 4, During the review no conspicuous deformations or torsions could be discovered while working with the device.

Of course this applies to anything not specifically just digital photography, That was only an example.

If all goes well you should be able to close up the notebook and External Monitor Port Clevo DC 17″ screen up to x Clevo being very secretive, so cannot confirm if its Core i7 or not can only confirm that its a new Intel desktop platform definitely newer than current DC with P chipset using Nvidia SLI The Schenker mySN DC is identical with notebooks under the following designations respectively brands: Our mission is to provide finest quality custom PC’s, workstations, notebooks and servers at the widest selection of components and low price.


Yeswill match any published price of an identical laptop or configuration.

The display certainly must fit to the offered features of the notebook; at least concerning the technical data. Taking care of your notebook whoisclevo 1.

Log in or Sign up. Two additional keys to which you can allocate functions are supplied on the left side next to the keyboard.

Sager NP9261 Quad Core Notebook Review

In addition the design of both slides cannot convince entirely. O yes, three hard disks with GB capacity each are also to be found in the casing.

This time I decided to go for capacity wureless and placed a new order for 3 GB rpm SATA hard drives, just in case I did experience a breakdown. The machine is definitely in the desktop replacement category, and we will see that it even outperforms desktops in certain ways.

Review Schenker mySN DC (Clevo DC) – Reviews

Yeswill price match any completely configured system offering the same hardware and support options as ours. Another record setter is found in this category.


Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Asia – Return to base warranty. I guess I was bound to get unlucky at some point — this is the first time for me a Sager laptop has had any dead pixels in it at all. Contents [ show ]. Last but not least, dual video cards complement the offering.

Review Schenker mySN D901C (Clevo D901C)

Except for panels, displays, keyboards, and other random exterior accessories, most hardware parts inside the machine are not interchangeable with the DC and DCdespite the two looking completely the same.

The Sager technical team constantly develops smaller, faster, and more powerful portable solutions. Enabling SLI on this game absolutely killed performance! AMK Dec 29, at 3: The machine offers a decent selection of ports. After some searching around on forums, I found a tool called TweakNT which switches the “mode” of your Windows installation from Server to Workstation, and vice-versa.