Click the Verbs tab, and select All verbs. Wait until the all the configuration tasks are processed and the status for each task appears. This chapter describes how to configure the Cognos 10 environment. Set the Allow Anonymous access? The Add Role Services dialog box appears. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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In the Password field, enter the password for the content store database user.

Setting up connectivity for Oracle data sources

Enter the correct port number, and your named instance in otacle screen shown below. If there are no problems with the configuration, the system completes the test phase and starts the IBM Cognos 10 service successfully. This chapter describes how to configure the Cognos 10 environment.

The system returns to the Server Manager screen. Easy location to obtain from.

The following final tests are just to confirm that SSMS still works, and your designated port number will show up by running the SQL snippets seen in the screenshots shown below. Currently cogos have JavaScript disabled. In the Physical path field, enter the complete path to the Cognos 10 Web content directory.


Watson Product Search Search.

When your environment uses a named instance. If a user is a member of multiple enterprises, the user must be added to the roles for all the enterprises. If your security settings on the server do not permit you to view the Cognos connection, add the site URL http: We only configure the jdbc because we have a named instance. Click Close to exit the Cognos configuration.

The Add Virtual Directory dialog orracle appears. Open the File menu, and select Save to save changes to the configuration settings. Select the required permissions of the Enterprise-specific role for the Enterprise-specific folder.

Configure SQL Server Connection in Cognos – Rollito Insights

Here is how you go about wrestling with your named SQL Server connection…. Navigate to the following folder: Legacy historic – not supported by Oracle. From the Actions menu, select Restart to restart the Cognos 10 service. Click the Verbs tab, and select All verbs. To obtain more information about the warning, click Details.


The default path is:. You can click the ellipsis icon to browse to the file location. During the Cognos service restart, a warning message may appear.

To stop the process, click Cancel. Customer is hosting their Controller databases on an Oracle database server.

Notes that I oraclr using SQL but you can use other versions as you wish. In the Name field, enter a realistic name for this mapping.

In the next screen, just enter the Signon information and ignore everything above it. Click Close when the system completes all the configuration tasks. To edit the module mapping: On Server Manager screen, in the Connections pane, select the server node. Set the Allow Anonymous access?