Dell, know your target audience or maybe you do, and this would be scary. The key mechanism is precise and reliable—it is easy to press a key and if you are a fast typist you will like the E key travel and nice touch. First of all the E does not heat up—I used both CPU burn-in and Prime95 to torture the CPU for more than two hours, I managed to get the CPU at 78 degrees Celsius according to I8kfanGUI and the palmrest kept the temperature of the human body, the bottom of the laptop was lukewarm and the only warm part but not hot was the left speaker. After tray is ejected you to pull it all the way out, as always. I can only say, buy the highest resolution possible no matter what. The touchpad could benefit from removing the trackpoint and its buttons , but even with it the touchpad could be bigger—there is enough space for it.

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Moreover, there is a media bay on the right too, so even more troubles when using the DVD drive. We can blind drop ship your orders directly to your customers. Dell Latitude E At least I managed to buy two computers using their web page without too much time spent. It feels unnatural and does not help curing RSI at all.

While typing you can feel slight vibrations—they are coming from HDD, not pleasant but more disturbing is a constant humming. But the huge mistake is air exhaust—it is placed on the left, not at the back.

The hinges work so firmly that it is even a bit difficult to open or close the laptop when you tilt the lid back the keyboard goes up. Call us today at to get started.


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While writing this review I was constantly switching from the D to the E and back—4: One 1 Year Limited Warranty No need to worry when purchasing from us, we warranty all products for days; if a product fails within days of purchase we will replace it at our expense. The touchpad buttons work in a pleasant way, unlike the trackpoint ones—you have to use some force to press them.

There are several status LEDs HDD, battery, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, num lock, caps lock, scroll lock and power status placed at the top of the keyboard, another two power and battery next to the left hinge and one more at the plug for the power cord—all in blue and all unnecessarily bright.

The NBR cameta has some lengthy threads about this issue. All working e500 are subject to a small restocking fee. Confirm this part’s compatibility with you Dell computer.

The lid latch is not centered as in D—it is placed a bit to the right. One interesting change is tray eject—now it is barely ejected at all. One of the advantages of desktops over laptops is the czmera to disassemble the computer and replace any part of it.

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Dell just reassured me that my order was correct; the package was delivered as promised. Also, the grills are very hard to clean.

Dell did a nearly excellent job dealing with heat and noise. Dell DC Jack Repair. After another 77 minutes computer turned off minutes in total. We cannot accept return requests after 30 days of the purchase date See Complete Details.


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The only weak point is the bezel below the screen—there is a lot of space between it and the screen and you can bend it easily.

You can see how tiny the lid latch is—no chance to keep the lid firmly in place. This will take you set by set through the complete installation and replacement process.

You cannot put down a hand in a rest position and press the arrow keys … you have to hit the key with a finger from above. No complaints here, connections work as expected and I am very pleased with the Dell bluetooth mouse no reason to camefa touchpad or trackpoint.

Keep reading to find out what one owner thinks of his new purchase.

Using just OpenOffice does not trigger the fan at least for several hours, watching on-line videos does—after about 20 minutes, watching DVD—after 5 minutes in this case fan is inaudible actually because of the the whoosh of the spinning disc.

One USB port is PowerShare one, which means it can charge external device even if the computer is off. We pride ourselves in selling only the best Dell parts.

When some heat builds up the fan is turned on to about rpm up to about rpm—this is a low speed range.