Do you like EpocCam and how it works? To be honest, we believe there is room for improvement. Your firewall application can block the traffic between PC and phone. Read this review and see whether Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse is a good fit for your needs: You can download from here. You can connect only one camera at a time with EpocCam.

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Now you are ready to record video. For a brief moment, the app shows a screen on which your iPhone or iPad is searching for Windows PCs that are connected to the same network.

Download epoccam viewer for windows 7 for free

Please check the requirements. So connection time is much shorter from the second time.

Please use the recording function of Windows Camera. You can use third party applicatin for recording.

Epoccam viewer for windows 7

You can imagine that we were curious to test it and see if it is new “hybrid” is a good choice for laptop and tablet users. However, even if you encounter problems, you should not abandon using it immediately: Before uninstallation make sure all the applications using EpocCam Skype etc are closed, otherwise you may need to restart the computer.


Remember to close all the applications that use EpocCam, otherwiser they are forced to close. If you want to turn your iPhone or iPad into a webcam for your PC, here are all the steps you need to take: If you know others that work better than it, please let us know, in the comments section below.

If you buy the Pro version of the app, the maximum resolution you can use is windiws to xthe microphone, manual focus and flashlight winrows enabled, and the watermark and advertisements are removed.

For example, we are using Windows 10, so we need the Windows 10 drivers. EpocCam driver for macOS version 1. Choose “EpocCam” for Camera. Now you know how easy it is to turn your iPhone or iPad into a webcam that you can use with your Windows computer.

Windows Check your firewall settings. After trying and testing several of them, the one that we liked best is EpocCam. Read this review and see whether Microsoft’s Surface Arc Mouse is a good fit for your needs: The detailed instructions are as follows.

EpocCam dpoccam up to 3 megabits per second bandwidth while streaming video over WiFi connection. Make sure your wireless network has enough epiccam bandwidth.

Windows We recommend Windows Camera Applciation. Fortunately, it is an easy thing to do, if you have the right tools: Usable WiFi range is about 10 meters while using EpocCam. If you want to find out more about it and whether you should buy it or not, read our review.


Epoccam viewer windows 10

Choose “EpocCam” from “Video source”. On our Windows 8. This app is useful if you want to check the connection between your iPhone or iPad and your Windows PC is working correctly.

Bluetooth devices can interfere with WiFi connections. Choose “EpocCam” as Camera. To be honest, we believe eooccam is room for improvement.

If you want to get quick overview, please watch the video for PC and macOS below. EpocCam is the one that white circle is circling with black background. There are many such apps in the App Store, both free and paid. If you are using the free version of the app, it is also a time when advertisements are shown on your iPhone or iPad.