I learned how to work a ball or hit it straight without resorting to products that violate the rules of golf. I got disgusted just reading about it. Dec 18, 40 Comments. Any material that would reduce the friction will provide for a loss of both side- and backspin. Guess this blows that therory out of the water. MM 7 years ago. This is a golf slice cure that also works every time but it doesn’t violate any rules of golf.

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If I come to far from the inside, I push the ball straight to the right.

My friends and I have had this conversation many times on the course. I still deserve the opportunity to play.

Grease,chapstick,vaseline. – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Yet no rules limit how fast a pro racket may propel the ball; some traditionalists think that should change. The same holds true for a draw or hook.

The average US male golfer sucks at golf, but loves the game that should tell you something about why they play. A w weeks ago I ran across a product on the web called NoSlice. Yes, but this cannon only benefits an experienced golfer who can hit straight. LoopAug 11, High tech, low tech, strange tech: This stuff on the driver face really helps greasihg. Why even mess with it on the range? If you ask if you should use it on your putter — please apply some to your butt 1st so that your brain can soften up.


If the initial ball speed is mph, for example, and it rebounds at 82 mph, then the COR is 82 percent. He had more fun that day, along with his buddies, than he had experienced in years, and he found out he actully enjoyed the game.

Whoooo, my god what a bunch of babies, this was simply just a review of a million golf gadgets out there, plain and simple, if someone is going to cheat they will cheat with or without the butter, Pam or no slice, stop crying and golc the review for what it is. Ballard on Length of Backswing.

I know that previous attempts have failed because the thickness required to achieve a longevity needed was so thick as to add weight and reduced the energy transfer between the face and ball reduced COR.

Vaseline/Chapstick On Driver Face?

I have a qestion, how does putting vaseoline,babyoil, or chapstick on the clubface help the ball go farther and straighter? The ones that some models have are superficial… only for show. In a single January weekend, Queensland lifeguards treated stings, a stunning increase over the stings recorded for that entire month in though painful, stings are almost never deadly.

Where was the vasoline and chapstick? The International Tennis Federation was sufficiently alarmed to ban Nastase’s racket from competition in Yeah…next time you are playing for some major coinage…make sure to check the other guys driver faces for the special sauce….


Aug 31, Messages: Thank you for reviewing ALL products that are applicable to golf.

RC 7 years ago. Hell Yes, it did. I gave Jon his money back, but I’ll always have his pride.

This microscope image, for instance, magnifies the millipede 1, times. Played years ago with a friend that was the worst slicer I have ever seen, a buddy told him about chapstick, he tried it with everyone in our group agreeing and we finished 35 minutes ahead of our usual Sunday morning game time.

Grease her up!

Swing path was the only direction your ball would go… did not mater if club face was open or closed. The problem with the voucher code is now resolved. You and the other purists on here should have been present when I watched a young Marine home on leave, going out for a fun day of golf after returning fron 2 tours in Iran a couple years back.

Greaxing Peulen 4 years ago. DogBreath 6 years ago. Chapstick works well too.