Could not execute statement. Oct 11 , JohanB 13 1 4. On the Default Properties tab, check the following: I certainly appreciate it! Here are the Dead Chicken steps I took to solve the problem slightly modified from the steps listed on that page:.

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The “solution” documented here might not be the correct one. In the bigger database that I’m having a mcirosoft with, for writing values back, I call the database 11 times to write in 11 different tables.

I just had to reach a sufficiently elevated level of frustration. When running the script from PyScripter or Pythonwin, the error occurs.

I am running spatial modelling software that uses an Access database ezcel store data needed for the computation. The temp table fills up to 2 gb and then throws this error. It’s not a Laserfiche error, so it’s hard to say, but usually “resource exceeded” is the machine running out of memory or temp disk space.

Plus in memory of Thomas Edison here’s another technique that did not work: It works fine for me, so probably a Windows system resource problem. Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for any updates here By RSS: I am wondering after creating the excel file you need to reboot, because windows still sees the excel file open in the temp folder?


I am not able to do that close of the ODBC connection. After a few more model runs the error occurs excdl though, for a different query.

Last post Aug 18, Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. That will free up the memory it used. The modelling software is bit, and the ODBC connection is set with odbcad That file midrosoft only the following 3 lines as mentioned before: How much is free when your application is running up to the memory problem? Community Websites Community Support. On the Default Properties tab, check the following: Proxy table creation error.

Sign up using Facebook. I need to run the model for thousands of locations, but after tens of model runs I get the error: Message will auto close in 2 seconds. Here are the Dead Chicken steps I took to solve the problem slightly modified from the steps listed on that page: When loading in only small datasets of max.


ODBC ERROR [HY] in Workflow – Laserfiche Answers

Nothing has changed to our knowledge but we are getting the following error when trying to test the connection. Here is the code:. However, its a new spreadsheet every time.

So, I’d appreciate it if you can tell me easy-to-follow steps on how to close the connection and when, using the. The developer of the modelling software is planning on migrating to newer database software in a future release, which may take a while.

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The following did not work: Are you trying to access a large file? Post as a guest Name. Just as a remark, not as an answer to your particular question: