The frame rates are also bad. I just want to say that current situation with gma is not normal. You can download it from http: I hope someone from linux team can help u. I was too busy and couldnt take out time to reply any of the queries: Join Date Apr Beans 9. July 5th, 8.

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Windows 7 has many bugs and poooooor performance. As a last chance, if wddm 1. June 20th, 3. Answer to your previous query ” Dinheiro Como Ganhar http: But performace is poor. Currently operation has no difference install legacy “Standart VGA” video driver. The standard graphics drivers are the best for Intel graphics. Skip to main content.

Because it is not open source. So performance are better but not so good as espected. Everything I found however was about fixes for ancient lubuntu versions Please, if you can tall when next version of driver will be and what will be fixed in it.


US15W GMA500

Hi Abhishek, I would really like to know, what is your team doing to improve aero instakl on the gma ? I have a simple question: Second reboot went well though!

June 18th, 1. June 30th, 7.

About GMA 500 Driver Development

This is gfxx and one thing that I use any time. So you see we are working to improve GMA driver and no need to pressurize Intel for not doing anything J I can understand your frustration as a customer but you can cooperate gma5000 us by providing more details about any issue you find with GMA driver. The frame rates are also bad. Hello, Several posts mention work on OpenGL 2. My computer is a Eee pc ha, maybe these latest drivers doesn’t fit this kind of computer or someting?

GraphicsCard – Debian Wiki

Tags for this Thread Intel really needs to get on the ball with this driver issue because with all theLinuxand windows users combined. Um, this is verry incorrect, ubuntu is still working on the gma chipset to get full driver functionality.

The animations are Istall jerky and very unpleasant to look at. But this driver only for XP. I recently installed lubuntu I’ve re-downloaded it and reinstalled it a couple of times just to make sure I made no inadvertant mistake or something.


Witch shows that is really is just a driver issue. I is not usable at all. Log in to post comments.

There seems to be some misunderstanding. I have tested some there and some where and found rendering bugs too. OK this is becoming ridiculous, Intel has yet to release a fully working driver to support our chip set and I’m fed up inwtall it, people please, help me pressure Intel into gmw500 something about this, for god sakes they have had 2 years to do something with the pitiful drivers and have done nothing!